About DoubleCheck

About DoubleCheck

DoubleCheck is a leading market consultant in the public sector market. We influence the public sector market with our knowledge, our experience and our solutions. We create the right conditions for doing more sound, secure and long-term business deals. We also help companies to get a foothold in the public sector market. In addition, DoubleCheck is one of the initiators and founders of a new industry organisation, the Swedish Association of Public Suppliers.

DoubleCheck offers both packaged services and products and consultancy services. Our team of experienced senior consultants offer a wealth of unique expertise, which can be expanded if necessary thanks to our unique network and our collaboration with carefully selected partners. This ensures that each and every project has the optimum mix of expertise and resources for the specific requirements of the task in question.

DoubleCheck’s employees have experience of public sector business from both sides. In other words, we have knowledge from both the supplier side and the purchase and procurement side when it comes to goods and services.

We have experience of the public sector market. We have worked within various types of public administration, and have procured and used the goods and services provided by suppliers. As procurers and users, we have experience of working with the Swedish Public Procurement Act as part of the guiding regulations. We know what it means to be responsible for a business that has to work in a context of limited financial and staffing resources, as well as guiding regulations such as the Swedish Public Procurement Act and the principle of public access to official documents.

One of the cornerstones of DoubleCheck’s business concept is to offer up-to-date, relevant and reliable information about public sector business, in order to provide our clients with current information and valuable decision-making data to use as a basis for their public sector business dealings. DoubleCheck Market Institute is responsible for gathering information, and DoubleCheck Analysis is responsible for carrying out analyses and refining results.

Fredrik Tamm, CEO and founder of DoubleCheck AB, has worked actively since the early 2000s for sounder business deals in the public sector market.

As an expert on public sector business, Fredrik is often engaged as a speaker, columnist and debater, including in the national tendering project, which aims to help and inspire more suppliers to see the opportunities offered by the public sector market. The long-term aim of the project is to generate more tenders, resulting in better competition.

Fredrik is also a co-founder of the Swedish Association of Public Suppliers, which focuses on satisfying suppliers’ desires for fair and more effective competition in public sector business.

For many years, Fredrik has acted as a moderator for Procurement Days, an annual event with a sharp focus on public sector business.

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