DoubleCheck is a leading market consultant with a focus on public sector business. We influence the public sector market with our knowledge, our experience and our solutions.
We create the right conditions for doing more sound, secure and long-term business deals. We also help companies to get a foothold in the public sector market.

Our team of experienced senior consultants offer a wealth of unique expertise, with experience that encompasses the majority of industries, such as property, food, life science, the environment, IT and telecommunications, transport and banking and finance.

As a DoubleCheck customer, there are various options for accessing the information contained in the “Business in the Public Sector Market” market database, for example via:

  • Physical delivery in the form of an overview market report (PDF).
  • Online access via an interactive web interface.
  • Data delivery by file for use in BI or CRM systems.

We give you the answers you won’t find anywhere else:

  • The amounts invoiced to the public sector market by businesses.
  • What your competitors have invoiced at various levels.
  • The value of procurements by each authority, municipality or county council within your particular industry.

The database contains unique information about the actual business value of Sweden’s authorities, municipalities and county councils. It is based on public sector suppliers within your industry, and includes comparisons with selected competitors.